Basalt direct roving

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15kg or 18kg/bobbin or customized
Place of origin: China
Delivery time: 10-15days
Terms of payment: by T/T or L/C at sight

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basalt direct roving

Basalt direct roving

Basalt direct roving1

Basalt assembled roving

Basalt direct roving is a continuous single-end strand produced pass through the bushing.
Basalt assembled roving consist of several single-end strand assembled together by special assembled machine.
Basalt direct roving can directly used in some industrial application, like textiles fabric, geogrid, woven thermal insulation tape/rope or pultrusion field. But some industrial application asks higher tex and external unwinding, that’s need basalt assembled roving.
Comparing to E-glass fiber and S-glass fiber, or even carbon fiber, basalt fiber has more natural performance advantages:

Thermophysical Properties

Using temperature / ℃ -260 – 700
Sintering temperature / ℃ 1050
Thermal conductivity / W/m.k 0.03 – 0.038
Strength retention after heat treatment
20℃ 100
200℃ 95
400℃ 82

Chemical Properties – Weightlessness

3-hour boiling in 2N HC1 2.20%
3-hour boiling in 2N NaOH 6.00%
3-hour boiling in H2O 0.20%

Moreover, basalt fiber roving has excellent mechanical and chemical performance as following technical:
■ High frost temperature resistance, high temperature resistance
■ Excellent thermal insulation
■ Corrosion and chemical resistance to alkali and resistance to salty sea water
■ Sound adsorption
■ Electric insulation
■ High tension strength and stiffness
■ Environmental friendly to soil, air and human

Product Application

In view of its excellent performance, basalt fiber roving can use in various fields:

Spray application

Spray application

Pultrusion bar

Pultrusion bar

Geogrid production

Geogrid production

Basalt fabric

Basalt fabric

Pultrusion profiles

Pultrusion profiles  

Car parts1

 Car parts

High pressure vessel (winding)1

High pressure vessel (winding)

Product Specification

Monofilament diameter / um


Linear density / tex


Sizing type

Silane base

Sizing content / %


Moisture content / %


Resin compatibility

Epoxy, vinyl ester, polyester resin, PP, PE, PA

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