Basalt fiber fabric

  • Basalt fiber fabric
Due to the basalt fiber is with the shield properties against electromagnetic radiation, thermal insulation properties and non-combustible properties, thus basalt fiber fabric are made by basalt fiber weaving also inherit those performance. In the field of pipeline repairing, resistant insulation for electrical cables and underground ducts, industrial ventilators and reinforcement, to similar conventional components made of fiberglass or carbon fiber, basalt fiber fabric has superior advantages in physical & chemical properties and commercial price accordingly.
■ Plain weave, twill weave, directional fabric, biaxial fabric, multi-axial fabric or other weaving patterns are available.
■ 100gsm, 200gsm, 300gsm ….800gsm are available.
■ Width 1m, 2m, 3m, and 4m is optional.
■ Some regular specifications of basalt fabric are always available in stock.