Basalt fiber geogrid mesh

  • Basalt fiber geogrid mesh
Basalt fiber geogrid mesh is a fiber textile through warp knitting or other knitting, it provide biaxial reinforcement force to the end products.
■ Mesh size is a parameter that describes it: 5x5mm, 10x10mm, 25.4x25.4mm, 38x38mm, 42x42mm, 50x50mm …..
■ Biaxial tension is another technical parameter to describe it: 25KN, 50KN, 80KN, 90KN, 100KN, 120KN …..
■ Compatibility with concrete, cement, asphalt.
■ 100 years life, it can decompose in product and zero harm to land and environment.
■ Hard or soft mesh is provided according to different application.
■ Lighter, corrosion-resistant, higher crack-reduction in concrete elements, compared to steel and other material.